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D Sc (London)
C Geol FGS


A career overview and selected classified archive to published work from 1972 to 2015.



  • The UN-SDG’s
  • Most publications listed are available as pdf downloads  – for access to others use reference libraries.

    Mobilisation of GW-MATe for World Bank

    • developed concept of a World Bank- Groundwater Management Advisory Team (jointly with Dr John Briscoe) at the 2nd World Water Forum (Den Haag–March 2000) and subsequently put into operation under Dutch, British, Danish & Swedish trust funding (jointly with Dr Karin Kemper), developing a global reputation for authoritative advice on groundwater management and protection
    • the GW-MATE initiative generated an extensive Briefing Note Series and Case Profile Collection in the public domain (  on this neglected aspect of water resources management

    Focusing IAH on Development Agenda

    • as IAH–Burdon Commission Chair during 1987-1997, and later as IAH President during 2004-08, made a major effort to address groundwater concerns of developing nations (
    • one of the first professional societies to develop sponsored membership, to facilitate developing-nation authors to publish geographically-referenced work and to celebrate congresses in developing world

    Groundwater Advocacy in Global Dialogue

    • canvassed for an ‘international reference centre for groundwater resources’ (IGRAC at the WMO/UNESCO Joint Inter-Governmental Council Meeting 1999, and subsequently advised Dutch government on its formation
    • proposed to GEF during 2006-08 the promotion of an ‘international agency initiative’ to formulate an action framework and investment priorities for strengthening groundwater governance

    Work on Applied Groundwater science

    • including amongst the first publications on pollutant transport in dual-porosity aquifers, diffuse groundwater pollution by agricultural land-use, aquifer pollution vulnerability mapping and groundwater governance – together with an extensive output on the groundwater interactions with urbanisation processes and agricultural practices
    • spokesman at numerous global and European water fora on the importance of the resource and its intimate linkages with land-use practices

    GROUNDWATER – HIDDEN RESOURCE & CONCEALED HAZARD Groundwater Hydrogeology Aquifer Pollution Water Resource Management Water Resource Governance Water Environment Urban Water Geotechnical Drainage Agricultural Irrigation

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