This work includes some important publications based on global experience dealing with the strengthening of groundwater governance provisions and practical management arrangements.

1997 FOSTER S S D & Grey D R C
J Chart Instn Water Envir Mgmt  11 : 193-199
Groundwater resources – balancing perspectives on key issues affecting supply and demand.  D-1
World Bank Technical Paper 456 :15-30
Understanding groundwater – essential concepts for regulators.  
2002-10 FOSTER S & Kemper K.
GW-MATe Briefing Note Series :  World Bank 
Sustainable groundwater management : concepts and tools (Papers 0-16).  
2002-10 FOSTER S & Kemper K.
GW-MATe Case Profile Series :  World Bank 
Sustainable groundwater management : lessons from practice (Papers 1-23)  
2003 FOSTER S S D & Chilton P J Phil Trans Royal Soc B 358 : 1957-1972 Groundwater—the process and global significance of aquifer degradation.  
2009 FOSTER S, Limaye S, Mandavkar Y & Msangi S.
GW-MATE Case Profile Series 22 :  World Bank
A hydrogeologic and socioeconomic evaluation of community-based groundwater resource management – the case of Hivre Bazaar in Maharastra-India. D-2
2009 FOSTER S, Garduno H, Tuinhof A & Tovey C.
GW-MATE Strategic Overview Series   SO-1 : World Bank 
Groundwater governance – conceptual framework for assessment of provisions and needs. D-3
2009 FOSTER S, Hirata R, Vidal A, Schmidt G & Garduno H. GW-MATE Briefing Note Series 9 :    World Bank  The Guarani Aquifer initiative – towards realistic groundwater management in a transboundary context. D-4
2010 Garduno H, Steenbergen F van & FOSTER S.              GW-MATE Briefing Note 6 : World Bank  Stakeholder participation in groundwater management – enabling and nurturing engagement. D-5
2011 FOSTER S & Steenbergen F van.  Hydrogeology J 19: 959-962.               Conjunctive groundwater use – a ’lost opportunity’ for water management in the developing world ?
2012 FOSTER S & Ait-Kadi M.
Hydrogeology J 20 : 415-418.
Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM): How does grondwater fit in ?  D-7
2012 FOSTER S, Tuinhof A & Steenbergen F van.         Water SA 38 : 359-366 Managed groundwater development for water-supply security in Sub-Saharan Africa : investment priorities. D-8
2013 FOSTER S & Garduno H
Hydrogeology J 21 : 317-320
Groundwater resource governance : are governments and stakeholders responding to the challenge ?  
2013 FOSTER S & Tyson G
GWP/ANBO Policy Brief : Global Water Partnership
Groundwater development opportunities and management responsibilities – the mission for African Basin Organisations D-9
2015 FOSTER S, Evans R & Escolero O.   Hydrogeology J 23 : XXX-XXX The groundwater management plan – in praise of a neglected tool-of-our-trade !  

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